The View From Earth

by Kemman

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Recorded at Oscillator Studios by Kemman, with additional engineering by Brett Meingasner at Green Room, between 2009 and 2014. Mastered by Carl Saff.


released January 17, 2015

Matt Barr: Drums, Vocals, Keyboard, Sax
Andy Preston: Bass, Vocals
Jeff Vidmont: Guitar, Vocals, Sax

Matt Schneider: Guitar solos on 2, 4, 10
Jon Arturi: Vocals on 3
Sarah Barr: Vocals on 8

All songs written by Kemman except 3, written by Kemman and Jon Arturi. Additional lyrics on 2 taken from poems by Charles Earl Bowles, aka "Black Bart." Audio samples on 6 taken from A Brief History of Time directed by Errol Morris, which itself includes samples of Disney's "The Black Hole."



all rights reserved


Kemman Chicago, Illinois

Chicago 3-piece hard rock band.

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Track Name: Centurion
Caesar stabbed in the back
Antony take my legions and defeat them
May the gods be in your favor

It's the way
The only way the people will be with you
Octavian forges a plan
All his money he is now demanding
But make no mistake
Cleopatra's heir won't be legitimate
We will see who the gods favor

Long live the 13th
An iron bond that cannot be broken
A shadow falls
The Aventine cries out Vorenus
Cicero stalls for time and his life
You may not want to watch this

His daughter's a prostitute
And a wife that died at her own hand
The boy is not of his making
Any words behind his back
He will know the reason
This man is a murderer
He's a jealous brute
And he's only good at one thing
Memmio serves as his example
His love is buried in an open field

All lives have been spoken for
So let it be done
May the gods always be with you son
In truth there is no surrender
May my name live on forever
Let them all work out their differences today
May the children see you in the light you've shined
E pluribus unum
Track Name: Genuine Profanity
I learned a lesson real young
My daddy beat me raw
You don't fuck with the best, son
And a stupid man goes for my gun
I shoot fools and thieves
I ain't hiding from no one

Riding out on top of my horse, Piss
Down Westchester ridge
Loading up six talons quick
Blasting out all of my dip
No reason to be fair
I settle debts with looks
Killing cheats and honest men
Spade the queen of hearts on dares

Well shucks don't waste it all baby
I got no care for love
Sentimental time-wasting idiots
And I've notched more belts than you've dropped shits
While shoeing up my horse
I've killed more injuns from a thousand paces

My copperhead descends upon your life
My treachery slithering down from yonder
Biting up your wife
I only see you dying
When I slap that trigger back
I'll stick my fork in you, cowpoke
A learned man I'm not
And I tip like shit

"Here I lay me down to sleep
To wait the coming morrow,
Perhaps success, perhaps defeat,
And everlasting sorrow.
Let come what will, I'll try it on,
My condition can't be worse;
And if there's money in that box
'Tis munny in my purse."

"I've labored long and hard for bread,
For honor, and for riches,
But on my corns too long you've tread,
You fine-haired sons of bitches."
Track Name: Terrarium
In a brand new world that I made
Walls made of glass
I say who goes, who stays
Where you grow these days

Stones so far beneath you
Stones to deep down
I placed them there
To your left there's a valley
At your right side a forest but no city, no city

And the wind won't blow but the grass will grow
It's all part of the plan
It took a single day
It took just one day to create where you stand

A wave of the hand and the water falls down
Deep in the Earth
it starts to pool underground
and cycles around

And the water shines in the air
And the trees grow to collect the prize
Standing side by side the trees take it in
And begin to grow 10,000 feet high

And the wind won't blow but the grass will grow
It's all part of the plan
It took a single day
It took just one day to create where you stand

The trees reach up and break the sky
The limbs branch out and shatter the sides
Of this glass world
The roots grow wide a thousand times
They cover the Earth and to no one's surprise
Our time has come

Everyone aboard
We've got to leave this place
What you once called your home
Leave behind everything you own
An exodus
An exodus to the Moon
We will be home soon
Track Name: Sleepseeker
This sound means war
Identified I am waking
It sounds like you're dying man
Three more minutes and I'd be sleeping

Bad habits not only affect you
And now I want to kill you dude
Please take care of this problem
Or the future of us will be affected

There'll be peace without you
A vortex of sucking air
And now it's my problem too

Now the way I see it is
No daytime catnaps
There's a study for you
With masks that breathe right for you
And diet, breathing strips
My insurance should take care of it

And there will be
Pieces of your heart for me
Back together now peacefully
I am dreaming again of you
No disturbances
I'm the former bear

You've got to train yourself alone for me
To learn what you don't know unconsciously
This is what love is babe
The effort that's given
On a daily basis
Track Name: Blackeberg
Keep your body tense
You’re just countering her move
Try surprise
Ringing ears hear everything

Man don’t panic now
Just stop fidgeting and breathe
Come alive
Soon your teeth begin to grind

She spent days on end
Close that fucking lid
Don’t you let them in
But don’t you let her out

This building
Is a hungry animal
Through the cabinets and the drawers
I know what you’re looking for

Rotting meat
In the back of a Chevrolet
A city of light in her eyes
Fading into black
Fading into

She spent days on end
She’s sleeping in the bath
Don’t you let them in
Don’t you let her out
Track Name: Call Me Dinosaur
Sometimes I see you
This thickened skull of useless cells
And I'll burn you to carbon
With a look
You got it wrong
You need to go somewhere right now

That ringing
It's not in your head
It's around your neck
You purposeful ignorant
An implosion of creativity
Galaxies of incapability
You're a gas planet

So I wanted more
To be anything
Trying is involved
I know you don't get it
That's why I'm here
To streamline the process
Problem solved

Let's begin a new way
Of seeing thinking and accomplishing
Oh just dreaming of the impossible
These living speed humps are just obstacles
Oh how progress could be exponential
Your project, it looks dire
The future, well it's on fire
Archimedes to Pauly Shore
Call me Dinosaur
Track Name: The Alps
I saw your eyes and I settled down
The two of us can’t be this way
It’s already hard enough

You’re acting out like an amature
Trying to grab all that you can
I don’t think you even care

It’s time to leave
And you don’t want to
But you didn’t want to come

And if it wasn’t your idea
Turn up your nose and walk away
It’s driving me up a wall

We’re just starting out
I can’t lose my cool
Gotta learn to slow down

Play without a clock
Stop and count to ten
Another dose of patience

We are aware of your every need
I said I'm all in though you can't agree
Pleading the fifth means we get to sleep
No attitude detected no not a peep

You're up and down like a mountain range
Feels like I'm always climbing up
But you didn't even care

It's time to sleep
but you don't want to
I'm calling shenanigans

Now I can picture a couple years into the future
You'll be hanging on me looking for some direction
When all the things you'll ever need
Are laid before you at your feet
There's still a sense that things are not complete
And I, I hope I don't let you down

And I remembered how you were always faking
While twisting raw emotions into some kind of shaking
Now confidence and rugged ideals
Uphold your cynical locomotions
I'll let you explain away the details
So black out you adorable drunkard
It's a complex world after all

It's surgical precision
Such blissful anticipation
Of making these decisions
It seems we're in position to impress
Soothing your distress
I used to get crazy with my friends
Now I'm just glad to see a normal life right in front me
It's Bedtime for Bonzo
Track Name: 1516
You've been a friend to me
And I'm a friend of yours
But I never thought we'd be the kind of friends behind closed doors

I always wished we could
You kept a width away
And now even here in bed we find there's nothing much to say

When you leave everyday
What lock do your keys fit?
Do you put love away
And forget where you leave it?
Do you cry on the phone
Over sensitive issues?
When you sleep all alone
Do you wish I was with you?
(So what, my neck's already broke)

It happens every morning
Or every once in a while
Baby you don't talk about yourself that way it's not your style

I know you'll sleep alone
Despite the face you show
And you might not let it get you down but morning tears will flow

I know it isn't my place
I know I don't have a prayer
I know decisions are made
I know I'm not being fair
Track Name: Chime Spiral
I've got someone I'd like you to meet
This cat lives out by the refinery
His dad started his own company
Built on buying foreclosed property

He worked with his old man for a while
Dated a girl with a passable smile
In time, asked her to walk down the aisle
Raising goats was her style

They moved near the airport and purchased some land
Some say he paid over 200 grand
They built up a farm and success hit them quick
Things were just fine 'til the goats got sick

Just one at first fell to the floor
Within a day the rest were wailing
Some were crawling to the door
And when they died they left a mark
The stains were glowing in the dark
They can't be buried underground
He tried to sell them by the pound

Hang them, hang them up high by the tail
Just like criminals locked in a jail
Spiral made from the shell of a snail
It's time to put them on sale